Offering a wide range of consultancy services covering office, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality and leisure, our Research & Consultancy team brings market-leading business development expertise in every segment of the Philippine real estate industry. With more than two decades of experience, our proprietary database of real estate information and analytics is widely considered as second-to-none.

Research & Consultancy Services

Armed with a team of multi-disciplinary analysts, our key services include independent advice in feasibility studies, master planning advisory, performance benchmarking, market research and strategic advice.

تقرير المركز الاقليمي - 2015

الإصدار الأول من تقرير المركز الاقليمي يبحث أداء دبي مقارنة بالمراكز الاقليمية الأخرى حول العالم من خلال تطور أربعة قطاعات عقارية رئيسية على مستوى الاقتصاد الكلي والجزئي: العقارات المكتبية، الصناعية، السكنية والفندقية.

Key Contacts